100% of Net Proceeds To Benefit Local and Area Schools and Charitable Non-Profit Groups (List)

Grand Prize

in cash

4TH Prize $1,000.00 Winners
5TH Prize $500.00 Winners
6TH Prize $400.00 Winners
7TH Prize $300.00 Winners
8TH Prize $250.00 Winners


13 Weeks of BONUS WINNERS!

Starting Feb. 11th to May 6th one random number will win $313.00. Plus If you're a "Past Buyer" you get an extra gold ticket

 Early Bird Prizes

- $500.00

Cash WINNERS in each Early Bird Drawing

Early Bird Drawing dates:

           March 12, 2015

           April 9, 2015

All Early Bird winners are eligible for all other prizes including all remaining Early Bird Drawings.



Grand Prize Drawing
May 7th, 2015



2ND Prize



3RD Prize

$1,300 for you and $1,300 for your spouse, friend or charity