100% of Net Proceeds To Benefit Local and Area Schools and Charitable Non-Profit Groups (List)

The American Dream Raffle Rules and Regulations

The $100,000 Grand Prize is Guaranteed to the Winner.

Gold, Silver and Bronze ticket holders are eligible to win any prize. The only difference is the # of chances bought with each ticket. Gold ticket buyers get 10 chances to win, Silver ticket buyers get 5 chances to win and Bronze ticket buyers get 2 chances to win.

Each chance will be assigned a random entry number for a chance to win the grand prize, 2nd to 8th place prizes, weekly prizes and early bird prizes.

The ticket application must contain a single name. Any group purchasing of tickets is the sole responsibility of the name on the ticket application.

Again this year! Buy 4 Gold Tickets and get two Gold FREE to lower your odds to 1 in 3 to win a prize. Buy 3 Gold Tickets and get one Gold FREE. These Gold ticket purchases may be spread out over time but all must be entered under the same name, same address to be eligible for the FREE ticket once the 3rd or 4th Gold Ticket is purchased. If you spread out your purchase over time please note as such each time you purchase.

1 in 19 ODDS TO WIN (estimated) with the purchase of a gold ticket based on 2015 projected ticket sales and the awarding of all prizes. If actual sales exceed projected  sales, the American Dream Raffle GUARANTEES additional prizes will be awarded to keep the integrity of the 1 in 19 odds.

Ticket Purchasing Deadline is 4pm on March 10, April 7 and May 5. All tickets sold after the deadline will be eligible for the next drawing.

All drawings will be held live on K99.1 FM at approx. 8:45am. The GRAND PRIZE DRAWING IS SCHEDULED FOR MAY 7, 2015.

 The CPA firm of Clark, Schaefer, Hackett will choose all winners in random computerized drawings.  The employees and spouses of Clark, Schaefer, Hackett are ineligible to participate in the raffle.

Winners will be contacted by The American Dream Raffle Committee and will be announced on the raffle website www.americandreamraffle.com by 9pm the day of each drawing.

The raffle committee reserves the right to extend the Grand Prize drawing date 30 days beyond May 7, 2015.

The Grand Prize of $100,000.00 is GUARANTEED to the winner. 2nd to 8th place bonus prizes will be awarded once we have sold 3,000 Gold Tickets (or equivalent). All prizes were awarded in the 2004 thru 2014, over $2.1 million!!!

All prizes are subject to, and the winners are fully responsible for federal, state and local income taxes. The Raffle Committee has no responsibility for the payment of any taxes associated with the prizes (except for the responsibility to comply with the withholding regulations and requirements of the taxing authorities involved). If any questions, consult a tax advisor.

Winner(s) need not be present to win. Winner(s) must be 18 years or older to participate.

The raffle committee is not responsible for ticket purchasers who do not receive a ticket application including the rules & regulations. By purchasing a ticket I agree to allow my name to be used in raffle promotional material.

$25 penalty for all checks returned for insufficient funds. Your cancelled check or credit card statement is your receipt.

Weekly Winner Prize Clarification

Starting on Wednesday, February 11th, we will be announcing one name each week to win $313.  If that person is also a past buyer, they will receive a FREE Gold Ticket.  This appears on the front of the flyer in the red center. 

This is further explained in the gray shaded box marked NEW on the back of the form in the rules. 

 ***If you are just purchasing a ticket (and are a past buyer), you do not automatically get a FREE Gold Ticket*** Your name must be pulled for the weekly drawing to be eligible.


All purchasers will be mailed a confirmation with entry numbers
within 2 weeks of orders received by the accounting firm.

  Website posting errors are not the responsibility of the American Dream Raffle Committee. Complete information can be obtained from Julie Valentine, Co-Chairperson (americandreamraffle@gmail.com).